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For any queries about the guild or registration issues, please contact the following in game : IskanderRîx or Tregar
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IskanderLS, Sep 13, 10 5:17 AM.
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The Cabal is a new Alliance guild working through PvE content on the EU PvP server Laughing Skull. 

Our primary focus is on 10-man raiding with light time commitments, although we do have some beep-beep PvPers & have scheduled runs for Battlegrounds. 

We like it hard, and as a result spend most of our time working on hard modes or doing hard things or looking at cute gnomes with pink hair. (DK gnomes excepted)

We provide a relaxed environment, free from the rigid structure and time commitments of a hardcore raiding guild, but with plans to see all the content we can.  Just because we don't raid 8 nights a week doesn't mean that we don't take our WoW time seriously though. 

If you have any questions about
The Cabal, feel free to visit the forums, and if you are interested in joining apply directly via the Guild Portal interface, or contact any guild member in game.

We are currently looking for a number of new members in a variety of classes. Main characters must be Level 70 or higher to meet our criteria.

The guild runs regular sessions with up & coming members, helping them to spec & gear their characters through TBC & WotLK content. For fresh 80s, many of the veteran members assist in farming Heroics for gear & emblems.

We like new people and if you are interested in a fun place to chat and cause mischief, we're your ticket. We won't tolerate whiners, beggars, ninjas & people that are generally a pain in the arse. When you join The Cabal, please remember that you are an ambassador for the guild as whole, so wear the name with pride both in game & in the forums. 

As we are focussed on end and near end game content, we do ask that members install & use the following add-ons :

Deadly Boss Mod - mandatory

Decursive - mandatory for healers/dispellers

Pally Power - mandatory for Paladins

Omen Threatmeter - advisable for all players

all of the above may be found & installed via or the Curse client

NOTE: Guild may contain nuts.  People with allergies are advised to not lick or eat our guildies. (especially
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